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Ajax Nodeloader F.A.Q.

Friday, June 8th, 2012
  1. Q. Module shows only title/broken/not working etc. What should I do?

    A. First of all, be sure, that you are using the latest version of the module. Ajax Nodeloader is under active development and time to time it gets new abilities and bugfixes.

    Also, while Ajax Nodelloader is sandbox project you should install it manually (via download and unpack) instead of installation via Drupal administration panel. See

    If nothing helps, please create detailed issue via

  2. Q. It’s not work, but loader image appears.

    A. Be sure, that your link opens without class “nodeloader” and it’s href path is correct. Also, your link path must be absolute, and starts from slash, i.e. “/node/1″ or “/contacts”, but not from “” or external path.

  3. Q. It adds unnecessary word to URL, for example: my baseurl http://localhost/sitename/en, and there is a link http://localhost/sitename/en/content/blahblah it adds http://localhost/sitename/en#/sitename/en/content/blahblah

    A. Ajax Nodeloader just store link “href” attribute in hashtag, to allow you share your AJAXified links. So, if you’ve point your link href as “/sitename/en/content/blahblah” it will save it in hashtag.